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SHORT STORY / NEW FICTION: Dubious Decision-Making

If there was one thing Cheryl Healy was guilty of, it was dubious decision-making.  It had finally occurred to Cheryl that this was a recurring problem in her life, but it was her problem and it wasn’t anything that newspapers and the internets needed to concern themselves with, even though they sure were enjoying themselves

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  “Coyote Bodhi is a simple man living a charitable life.  Coyote Bodhi does not declare himself to be a healer of men.  Coyote Bodhi makes no assertions on religious faith. Coyote Bodhi is not a medical practitioner.  Coyote Bodhi is only a man who can be watched. Coyote Bodhi can be touched and felt.

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SHORT STORY / NEW FICTION: “Who You Gonna Believe, Me, or Your Own Eyes”

“I wanted to let you know that Dean is all right,” the voice message from Connie’s sister Kathy began.  “I hope you are too. You’re usually home by now, I think. It’s terrible. I can’t believe this happened.  Really, it’s…unbelievable.  If you’re sleeping, call me when you get up.  I know we aren’t talking right

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