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Fifty Bucks Never Killed Anybody – Why “Used Cars” is a Classic Caper Comedy

  Kurt Russell headlined a cast of top-shelf character actors in Used Cars, a criminally underrated caper comedy from an era rich in great movie comedies.  Director Robert Zemeckis has been quoted as saying he’s glad he’s outgrown the film.  Is he nuts? Zemeckis’ groundbreaking work in digital and special effects for movies like the

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A BURIED GEM: “Who’s Minding the Mint?”

“Who’s Minding the Mint?” is the funniest caper movie that you’ve never heard of before now. This was one of those movies that happened to me by accident.  It was running on a local independent television station, a Sunday morning ten o’clock movie that aired right after the televised Sunday morning services.  There weren’t any

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