Synergistic Effects (An Author Blog)

Let’s see how this works.

Very few people have actually seen this author website of mine up to this point, which often was filled with everything but my actual writing.  I called it “Sketchy Types” to reflect the crime fiction genre I often write in, so that’s where I decided to focus this new collection of short stories.  These are the people you won’t have over for dinner, the sort you furrow your brow at, the ones you’re not really sure if you trust.  They’re sketchy.

Ray Bradbury, at least I think it was Ray Bradbury, would suggest that writers write a short story a week.  In a year they would have fifty-two, with Bradbury’s guarantee that they couldn’t all be bad.

So that’s the plan.

I have other projects that I’ll update on from time to time as well.

Hope you dig them.