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I love stories about troublemakers.  Bad apples.  Non-conformists.  Anti-heroes.  People that live by their own rules.  They are con artists, heels, thieves, hustlers, and sometimes they’re even the people living next to you.  They aren’t concerned about rules, laws, norms, decency, social media postings, or what you think about them, for that matter.  They’ll risk their reputations, their freedom, and sometimes even their lives to get what they want.  These are the sort of people your parents warned you about.  You know, the sketchy types.

I’m an author, and I write screenplays and create television shows.  My first book, “How to Steal a Truck Full of Nickels” was published in 2015.  My second book, “Burn One Down: A Bad Apples Caper” was published in 2018.  The third, a follow-up to “Burn” is in the works for 2021.

This website is for short stories, new short fiction, old stories, and the occasional update.  I post new short stories often, so check back often.  The stories are free, so if you like them, please share them!

Join the tens of others on my social media!  Get in now, so if anything I ever do gets trendy, you can say you knew me before I sold out.





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