Month: June 2018


Trying to pick my five favorite heist novel adaptations is like asking me to pick my five favorite Led Zeppelin songs. There are too many awesome choices, and several worthy inclusions will be left off the final list. (sorry, “Misty Mountain Hop”) There are great movie adaptations, (Rififi, notably) that came from a less-than-admired source

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Sketchy Types – The Author Blog for Jeffrey A. Cooper

This blog focuses on the crime genres of heists and capers. I love stories about the bad guy. The rebel. The non-conformist. The person that lives life on their own terms. That one who isn’t concerned about rules, laws, societal norms, social media postings or what you think about them, for that matter. I write

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Maybe I’ll Be a Writer

Like with any good crime fiction, a little background can be helpful.  Here’s mine. I was living with my sister outside of Washington, D.C. after my first marriage mercifully fizzled out after ten months of hijinks, low-blows, and bad tempers.   Having been fired from my job at an Alexandria, Virginia ad agency, my current employment

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